Gypsy was born on 1st March 1998 and had 2 brothers. Being a girl, nobody wanted to adopt her and her Mummy then was calling all her friends for help. My husband had always wanted a GSD bitch and we already had the name "Gypsy". It happened so fast, we were not really prepared to take a dog because we lived in a flat in Limassol with a very demanding Tom cat.

But we couldn't resist this beautiful little thing. While we both were at work, the cat looked after Gypsy. So Gypsy grew up thinking she was a cat. She started to behave more like a dog when we moved to our village house with a big garden which we made dog proof. She is now 14 years old but she can be a silly billy, thinking she is still a puppy.

At one of her holiday stay at BMM it happened that she met Henry, a boxer dog. It was a great holiday love story and once being back at home, poor Gypsy was love sick for a week!!!! Last time she stayed with Milhouse, but she didn't fancy a toy boy and couldn't forget Henry.


Gabriella Christodoulou