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Hugo Noble

Hugo the Pug was not quite ready with his Pet Passport in 2011 and came to BMM for 3 months. Not a breed that I would choose but boy oh boy did Hugo change my mind! Not a bad bone in his body he welcomed any dog with respect and if they wanted to play he was there at the front of the queue.

Very funny with his antics at times and he had this amazing quiet raspie bark that wouldn’t frighten a mouse although he thought it would! A dear little boy that wormed his way into my heart without me even noticing it! When he went in Feb I missed him but was happy that he was  reunited with his family who couldn`t wait for him to get there





Suzy Loughnane the ‘Canine Tornado’

This 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier never stopped!!!! She rans rings round my boy Barney who looked at me as if to say ‘She’s making me dizzy’!!!

She was also a thief and can sniff out food anywhere – in fact when I settled down to Spaghetti Carbonara one day and had to answer the phone I came back and wondered if I had already eaten it !!! But there was this little rascal with a piece of Spaghetti hanging from her fur with a look as if to say ‘Wasn’t me’ !!!!

She liked nothing more than to sit in the sunshine with Barney and bark at nothing !!!  She was a real tomboy and loved to ‘rough’ play with the others – she had no fear which I’m sure will get her into deep trouble in the future !

Her Mum and Dad Skyped every week whilst she was with me and Suzy was very alert when she heard their voices. She kept everyone on their toes and the house became  very quiet when she went in June




Roxy Chamberlain aka ‘Screech’

When Roxy, the Parsons Jack Russell first came I thought, ‘Hmm small dog a little rambunctious but at 1 year old to be expected’. Wasn’t told that I would need eyes in the back of my head!!! This dog was amazing – could  jump any gate of over 5 foot, dug 3 foot deep holes, found any small exit that you think even an ant can`t get out of and had serious separation anxiety which resulted in her screaming whenever you went out of her sight! which I’m sure the neighbours loved! Also very possessive with treats and hasd the attitude ‘Ill get you before you get me ‘with other dogs. What a battle ensued – and although I have never given up on any dog I really thought at times that a kennel situation might have been  better for her. But with the help of my friends Dean & Christina she eventually calmed down and listened more although she did have her moments, and had the attention span of a stapler!!! These dogs are very intelligent but very strong willed but with patience and discipline she has become a lovely well balanced dog. As long as Emma doesn’t let her rule the roost [which I`m sure she will!!] she will become a lovely natured dog but an opportunist which I think she will be forever!!!