This little Pug, Sally, came to BMM last year. What an adorable small little dog I thought ----- till the Owners left. She then became maniacal – in out – out in – up down – the list went on and on !!! By the time Sally & Phil came back I was dizzy and was sure they had given her some drugs before she came !!! That is why we always refer to her as ‘Sally on Speed’ When they said that Sally had a new brother Charlie I gave a sharp intake of breath at the prospect of having two maniacal dogs -Sue assured me that Charlie was at the opposite end of the scale so he became known as ‘Charlie on Prozac’ – but I think I will need the Speed when I have them again !!!!














As told by their Owners Sue & Philip Wilkinson



Charlie the Shihzu started life in very posh suburb of Easingwold Yorkshire, 7 years ago, ---- little did he think that he would end up in a sunny climate in Cyprus with his own pool and Pug!

After a traumatic journey here he settled well and took to the lifestyle with enthusiasm, although after one unfortunate and unexpected 'dip' in the pool he never went near it again, and looks upon Sally the Pug with contempt when she launches herself in with gay abandon when the rest of the family (humans) take a dip.

Sally had a somewhat sad beginning, with a Cypriot family - who obviously had not come across the pug 'personality' before they so unwisely parted with their Euros on her as a puppy.

Sad to say when the adorable puppy began to grow up they no longer wanted her and swapped her for a baby Alsation!  

We found Sally in a pet shop where she languished with smaller puppies – who annoyed her greatly and worse, gave her fleas and ticks! She eagerly made eye contact with us pleading to be set free, we could not resist her and bought her home.  Sadly she had become very attached to her first family and the stress of all she had gone through caused her to develop sores all over her body.  We house trained her, treated her ticks and fleas and cleared her skin

condition - which thankfully never reappeared.  She lives happily, if

a little chaotically, with Charlie and they have brought us more joy than we could ever imagine.

Sue Wilkinson